Software as a Service

As well as building websites and applications for customers we have also continued to work hard developing our own portfolio of Software as a Service and commercial websites.

Below are a few of our latest developments.

. workmeo .

Released in January 2021 workmeo was our first online service made available to the public. It was originally developed as an internal time management tool but in time users felt that there might be a greater market for it. The purpose of the software is to help users become more productive and organized and develop a work / life balance.

Canadian Adventure

Released in 2016 Canadian Adventure has become one of Canada's top sites for parents to find summer camps and activities for their children. One of the first sites in Wilson Interactive's portfolio the entire site was designed and developed in-house. The concept continues to be improved as the volume of traffic to the site grows.

. boardmeo .

Presently in Beta stage boardmeo is a board member portal designed to allow boards and committees to meet and collabortate while sharing documents and meeting itineraries. This site is in transition phase to be used securely online and is expected to be available in 3rd quarter 2021.